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Preview | Flat Worms @The Haunt 23.6.19

Flat Worms (Bandcamp Profile)​


The West Coast garage punk supergroup, Flat Worms will be performing at the Haunt on June 23rd, hosted by the lovely team, Acid Box Promotions. The Los Angeles trio are known for their clever, cheerfully abrasiveness, confirming that you don't have to be an angry teenager to play great punk rock!

Will Ivy, the founded, singer and guitarist of Flat Worms, was working on his debut solo ablum in 2016, stumbled across some old Swell Maps records and an urge of inspiration washed over him. Ivy recruited Tim Hellman (bassist) and Justin Sullivan (drummer) to make some noisy, frantic rock 'n' roll. With the background of working with Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and Sic Alps on Hellman's side; and The Babies and Kevin Morby, marking Sullivan's background, the trio produced a thee-song 7" by April 2016 titled Red Hot Sand.

A melodic turbulent ceasefire, Flat Worms is taking the West Coast garage punk scene by storm.

Flat Worms will be accompanied by support from the psychedelic duo from Brighton, SKinny MiLK. Johnny Hart (bass and vocals) and Tim Cox (drums) formed SKiNNY MiLK in the early months of 2016. Since the realse of their latest single Blood, the duo have supported the Oh Sees, Once and A Future and Stoltz at Castlemania.

Flat Worms and support from SKiNNY MiLK will undoubtedly lead to a turbulent ceasfire of all things hazy, psychedelic, post-punk. It's going to be a good one, thank you Acid Box!


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