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Review | Acid Tongue @The Hope & Ruin 8.9.18

Acid Tongue photographed by @bandsonfilm

The Hope & Ruin welcomed New York's sweethearts, Acid Tongue, for an evening full of friendly vibes. Loved up lead singer and guitarist, Guy Keltner, proclaimed to the audience that he hopes everyone is in love and if they're not, hopes they find love; a beautiful exchange of wholesome encouragement to all audience members. 

The precedence of being in love, or finding love, set up a friendly atmosphere within the gig room at The Hope & Ruin. With the release of Babies early on in the year, the audience members were very eager for them to play right into the following day, as they continued to call out songs that they wanted to hear live. 

Hearing, the most recently released single, previous to the release of Acid Tongue's album, Humpty Dumpty was a highlight of the evening. A beautiful blend of dreamy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, touching each and every audience member. 

Witnessing the band perform live encapsulates the feeling of listening to Babies alone in your room, connecting with each song, but surrounded by strangers that have quickly become friends. Be sure to catch Acid Tongue as they spread their loved-up vibes around the UK as they continue their ​tour.


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