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Review | Boogarins @The Hope & Ruin 18.7.19

Boogarins photographed by Beatriz Perini

Boogarins photographed by Beatriz Perini


The psychedelic band from Brazil, Boogarins, played a fruitfully explosive set at The Hope & Ruin. Currently touring Europe and then the USA, Boogarins recent album Sombrou Dúvida takes you on a mystical journey of the mind, with the opening song, As Chances to the sixth song of the album Nós, which is heavily distorted.

It was a pleasure being in the presence of the Brazilian band, proclaiming that 'it is good to dance,' which helped the audience relax and let their body move to the music. Each member of Boogarins looked like they were having the time of their life sharing their music on the stage of The Hope & Ruin; which makes such a difference, seeing a band that love sharing the music they have created!

A consistent highlight of Boogarins set was viewing their drummer play with a passion very similar to that of the 2014 American drama Whiplash. The drummer displayed a great amount of passion as he bounced from the cymbals, to snare and back again, which the other band members fed off of. To get a sense of their live performances, their live in the KEXP studio video on Youtube gives you a great taste of the sheer enjoyment this band emulates through their music and overall performance. Otherwise, just cross all ligaments in the hope that they make an appearance near your hometown!

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