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Review | Sacri Monti @The Hope & Ruin 16.7.19

Sacri Monti photographed by @codyjaymelton


A scream of 'hit it boy' transported the audience into a moment of awaited excitement as the drummer whipped out his sticks. The Hope & Ruin and Acid Box Promotions hosted Sacri Monti's debut appearance not only in Brighton but the UK!

Influenced by early 70s hard rock, a sprinkle of krautrock and a splash of progressive psychedelic haze, the five-piece from San Diego delivered an electrifying set at Brighton's beloved The Hope & Ruin. Formed in the year of 2012 Brenden Dellar (guitar), Dylan Donovan (guitar), Anthony Meier (bass), Evan Wenskay (organ and synth) and Thomas DiBenedetto (drums) make up the rock 'n' roll sounding band.

Sacri Monti's second studio album, Waiting Room for the Magic Hour, is a transcendent journey for the sense. The first track of the same name as the name includes hard-hitting explosive simples and an impressive intricate guitar solo. Such songs of the band set like Fear and Fire, brought to mind the soundtrack of American comedy-drama Californication starring David Duchovny. As audience members bodies moved almost involuntary throughout Sacri Monti's set, as if in a trance, there was a spiritual atmosphere as the band poured their heart out. Scenes of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) finding solace in an empty church, collecting his thoughts, as a crash of heavy psychedelic rock and roll music draws the scene to an end. Sacri Monti delivered an unbelievable set, go and listen to their latest album, released earlier this month!


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