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Review | Teleman @Concorde 2 9.10.18

Teleman by Ross Jones

The Concorde 2 welcomed English born and bred band, Teleman, for their UK and Europe tour, following the release of their third album, Family Of Aliens. With support from London based C.A.R, also known as Chloé Raunet, the great room of the Conocrde 2 was heaving.

As expected from their albums, the joyous and flow of pure creation is beautiful captured and shared in their live performances. The element of listening to their music alone, whilst grooving around can be perfectly done in the mist of the audience. There is a great feeling of all audience members, from a broad range of ages, coming together and engaging with one another between songs, “that’s a fucking great song by a million miles…they’re so tight!” It truly makes large gigs feel more intimate than they may seem on a first glance.

For all those that have debated whether or not to form a band, after seeing Teleman live it hard not to think of any bad reason to not go ahead and do so. Teleman’s music is whimsically infectious, from the drum beat of Fall in Time, to the pure enjoyment of playing together the band present on stage.

Teleman have a special knack for incorporating hard hitting lines within each of their songs, that have a mystical power of reaching deep into your soul. Stop the witch hunt / it doesn’t matter if the world doesn’t dance with you, in Twisted Heart from Teleman’s recent album to oh let me float up high / I don’t need anyone now in 23 Floors Up, from Teleman’s first album.

The bands encore left the audience incredibly puzzled as there was a lengthy pause during Not In Control, as an honest attempt to build up anticipation to the final section of the song. Hesitant claps filled the gap, but all was well as Jonny Sanders comforted the audience that there was more to the song. A pleasant gig all round!


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