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Froth | Duress and UK Tour

Froth have announced a UK tour commencing in September following their new album Duress through Witchita Recordings. Formed in Los Angeles, noise-rock trio Froth have released their new single 77, ahead of their album release on June 7th.

Frontman JooJoo Ashworth explains how 77 was created along side Tomas Dolas;​

"Towards the end of the album, Tomas and I were realling digging deep into my voice memos trying to see what was worth making in a real song. I had him play bass and synth while I sung and played some guitar. Only with Tomas would we ever come up with an odd timing song. The lyrics are mostly about when I was living with my parents for a couple months after I got kicked out of my apartment by an evil landlord."

This new album displays Froth's exploration of pushing the status quo. With previous albums, Patterns, Bleak and Outside (Briefly), exploring a shoegaze, psychedelia and post-punk blend, Duress is completely their own, summaries as 'unapologetically experimental yet undeniably accessible' by longterm friend and collaborator Tomas Dolas.

Drifting into their prime, Duress explores the three bandmates, JooJoo Ashworth, Jeremy KAtz and Cameron Allen, vision without compromising. The bands UK tour commences in Brighton on September 8th, followed by Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and London. Watch their recent music video Laurel and order their new record!

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