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Review | Trap Door by Movie Club

Movie Club Press Photograph for "Trap Door"

Birthed out of Venice Beach, California in October 2018, Movie Club has set out to create unique art for music lovers around the globe. Their new single "Trap Door" is in keeping with the dirty psychedelic sounds featured in their 2020 EP, Man O' War.

Movie Club compromises of Jessamyn Violet on drums and Vince Cuneo on guitar. The steady yet chaotic tempo of the drums and the climactic melody of the guitar blends beautifully into a whirlwind of anticipation. The accompanying music video for "Trap Door" takes inspiration from Albert Lamorisse's 1956 The Red Balloon. Played in reverse, the two figures of the music video navigate their way in a distorted manner, joined by two balloons that change colours to match a key colour of their varying location.

Guitarist Vince Ceuneo reflects on the opening scene at the Salton Sea, "we definitely went far outside of our comfort zone making this video. I don't know how to describe crawling into the Salton Sea, but there was a moment where I thought that I physically wasn't going to be able to go through with it."

The single "Trap Door" is one of many off Movie Club's fifth studio EP Fangtooth, recorded at Fonogenic Studios by Jess Thompson and mixed by Mark Rains (Paranoyds, Death Vally Girls. Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie) plays bass on "Trap Door" alongside David Ralicke (Dengue Fever) on flute. Mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys) Fangtooth will be available for all on August 10th.

Until August 10th, delve down the auditory and cinematic rabbit hole of "Trap Door", there is much to uncover.


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