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EP Review | Man O' War by Movie Club

Home to Venice Beach, California, Movie Club's latest music video accompanies the release of their EP Man O' War. Consisting of four tracks, the first song of the EP 'Bones' has been transformed into an apocalyptic visual piece of art. Filmed at a long and forgotten waterpark, littered with graffiti, four characters endeavour on a battle, taking the sides of the 'good' versus the 'strange' acting as a homage to the dystopian action thriller film series Mad Max.

Formed in October 2018, the two-piece band, Jessamyn Violet (drums) and Vince Cuneo (guitar) focus on the significance of music, without lyrics. Movie Club caused a great stir in the world of music, following the release of two 2019 EPs Kraken and Hammerhead, produced with the aid of Matt Wignall (Wargirl and Cold War Kids) and bassist Erick "Jesus" Coomes (Dr. Dree and Lettuce). Their third EP focuses on the dark and gritty, largely inspired by modern and classic psychedelic rock bands, recorded with bassist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie and Black Crowes).

Man O' War is a cinematic ride for the senses, best enjoyed with an open mind.


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