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Album Review | Bent by Stonefield

'Bent' by Stonefield (album cover)

Bent by Stonefield (Album Cover)

The wownderful heavy stoner rock band, Stonefield have released their third studio album, written on the road and recorded at Flightless HQ over five days, Bent is their darkest, sludgiest stoners record yet!


Growing up in Australia, practising in their family farm shet, Stonefield are four sisters who know how to rock! Compromised of Amy (drums and lead vocals), Hannah (guitar), Holly (bass) and Sarah (keyboard and vocals), the Findlay sisters have explored much of the world alongside, Fleetwood Mac, King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard, Black Rebel Motorcycle and King Tuff to name a few.

Much of thier new album was written on the road in America earlier on in the year, filled with a great amount of reference and reflection of the months they spent travelling and performing.

Written earlier on this year whilst on the road in America, Bent reflects the isolation of being so far from Oz, scaling up desert highways and experiencing trials and tribulations of travelling as not only musicians, but also people. Lead singer and drummer, Amy Findlay explains, "it's a culmination of experiences, emotions, and stories collected over time. A growth of honest, raw, energy that has been burning within us and waiting for its moment."

Over the five days of recording, Joe Walker and Stu Mackenzie, from King Gizzard, accompanied the Findlay sisters to deliver this extrordinary album. Much inspiration was taken from Black Sabbath, Beak, Deep Purple, The Alan Parsons Project and Mike Oldfield, to create the powerful new album, Bent. Amy continues to explain;

"The album is about our own experiences and stories. Songs about the fear of walking home alone at night, stories of what it's like being an all-female band and the power of supporting one another. With that being the lyrical subject, the music that came out is definitely our heaviest."


Bent explores a great amount of trials and tribulations. There is no concrete emotion in this album, it is one that should be listened to in full, to then catch a glipse into the life of Stonefield whilst on the road.

Sleep commences the album, in a heavy daze of drums and hard hitting riffs, a song that will definatley perk you up. This song sets the scene for the album, a mythical Greek battle between the Gods and Goddesses comes to mind, along with sirens, working their musical magic, tempting all who dare to listen.

Shutdown is heartbrakingly powerful, with the lyrics "Don't know why I tried / Always think you're right," penetrating the song, as an omnipresent message, which leads into Woman. The final song of the album, Woman, commences with a powerful drums and cymbals, alongside an intricate riff on the guitar and keyboard. The lyrics, "I am in love / I am woman," echo as if a mass of women have eurupted global to sing these words in unison. Stonefield, how do you do it?! Be sure to stream and pre-order the album here!


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