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Album Review | Double Rainbow by The Babe Rainbow

Double Rainbow Album Cover

The Australian love babes have released their second album Double Rainbow. An eleven track album, transporting each listener to the whimisical wonderland of the members of The Babe Rainbow; Angus Dowling, Kool Breeze and Dr. Elliot Love-Wisdom. ​

The opening song The Magician eases you in to the trill vibes of being transported to a land of pure love and no war, enhanced by the synth. The Magician is an easy listen in terms of allowing your mind to get caught up in the song and flow along, effortlessly with the melody. Images of dancing bare foot in a feild come to mind as recenty released single Supermoon merges after The Magician; a delicate blend of melodic guitar riffs to dance away morning blues.

Double Rainbow encompasses a beautiful range of heartfilled treasures. Gladly projects a great amount of love in a chilled manner and is juxtaposed to the narrative filled song Darby and Joan. The funky, yet simplistic melody of Darby and Joan allows more room for the mind to focus on the lyrics, creating ab iressistable balance between melody and lyrics.

The Babe Rainbow's new album is full of twist and turns, leaving listeners unsure of what may come next. Eureka displays just this; ​the sharp turn into a groovy track which will make you want to remain on the dance floor for eternity. Followed by an instrumental track entitled, Alan Chadwhick's Garden. This instrumental can easily slip you into a trance, making Cool Cat Vibe, appear to be the best song title to grace the Earth, whilst simultaneously making you feel the urge to borrow your neighbour's cat, at once.

The soft chimes of the flute in Bella Luna, continue the nonchalant feel of Double Rainbow. Further helped by the intricate plucks of guitar strings in the second instrumental song of the album, 2nd of April. When you thought that your heartstrings had been played with enough over the course of listening to the album, Running Back serves as a reminder of the tummy curdling feelings that result of such heart warming songs.

The uplifting finale New Attitude, is a blisssful song to end on, yet leaving all lovers of The Babe Rainbow wanting more!




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