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Preview | Acid Tongue @The Hope & Ruin 8.9.18

Acid Tongue photographed by Luca Giorietto in Rome, Italy

American garage band, Acid Tongue, will be storming into The Hope & Ruin for a hopefully raucous heavy set, influenced by AM-soul, folk and psychedelic rock. Inspired by the music of their parents' generation, bandmates, Guy Keltner and Ian Cunningham, released their debut album in 2017 Babies, a soul-fueled take on contemporary psychedelia and captures the rose-tinted nostalgia of the 90s.

Home to Seattle, Washington, Acid Tongue will be hopping over to Paris after their three gigs in the UK. With the release of a new EP Ordinary People, available for all eager ears on October 13th through Burger Records, Acid Tongue are churning out superb tunes in which, as stated by KEXP, "no genre of music [is] safe from getting 'licked up' by the Tongue!" Often including their friends in live performances, Acid Tongue will be a treat to witness.

Accompanied by London's band of the underground, Los Bitchos and songwriter Tuval, the evening at The Hope & Ruin is expected to be filled with nostalgic shoegaze vibes, allowing audience members to sore past the 90s and straight into the 70s.


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