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Preview | Boogarins @The Hope & Ruin 18.7.19

Boogarins photographed by Laure Briard

Boogarins photographed by Laure Briard


Brazilian psychedelic rock band, Boogarians will be performing at The Hope & Ruin following the release of Sombrou Dúvida in May. The album title translates to Shadow or Doubt, which hints at a sense of darkness present in the ten track album. Dino, the singer of the group, considers the "shadow" as a feeling related to your comfort zone, and doubt, as the uncertainty that hits people, leading to the need of following their instincts.

Compromised of Beneke Ferraz (guitar), Fernando "Dinho" Almeida (guitar and vocals), Raphael Vaz (bass and synth) and Ynaiã Benthroldo (drums) formed in 2014. Spurring from a childhood friendship between Benke and Dinho, they recorded their EP as Plantas Que Curam at home whilst still attending school. Later released in 2013, the band took their name from a Brazilian jasmine flower and released their second album Manual in 2015.

Psychedelic Brighton trio Jouis will be joining the lineup. Inspired by the French word jouissance [zhwē-säns] which means pleasure, Jouis are a multi-dimensional foray through an exponential wave. Lastly, the four-piece world beat funk and pop party animals, Galangas will be supporting Boogarins. based in Brighton, Ruben J. Dodds (guitar and vocals), Nicky Yates (guitar and keys), Jorge Bela Jiménez III (bass) and Martyn Lillyman (drums and percussion) have taken inspiration from the anxious lyrics and groove of the Talking Heads, with rhythmic influence from Fela Kuti and the sweet synth sound of early Prince.


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