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Preview | Grand Veymont @The Prince Albert 2.7.19

Grand Veymont photographed by Mélanie Cortay


A homage to the highest peak in the Vercors Regional Park of South East France, Grand Veymont's hypnotic melodies and siren-esque vocals will be making an appearance at The Prince Albert in early July. The French Duo, Béatrice Morel Journel (Organ, synth and flute) and Josselin Varengo (organ, synth, percussion and vocals) create an atmosphere of soft synth melodies and calming vocals.

Their self-titled studio album Grand Veymont emulates the broad genre of West German Krautrock, with the unison of mesmerising melodies and country folk influences. Through their music, Béatrice and Josselin explore the boundaries of territory; home, birthplaces and deserted territory, heavily inspired by their environmental surroundings.

Grand Veymont will be accompanied by Brighton's pop duo, Hourglvss. Heavily inspired by great musical legends Nina Simone, Depeche Mode and Grace Jones, Katie Benbow and Sophie-May Williams, who make up the duo, their recent single Johnny is contagiously catchy alongside the thought-provoking lyrics.

French artist, Bess of Bedlam will also be supporting Grand Veymont. Inspired by London's first specialised psychiatric hospital of the late 14th century, Bethlem Royal Hospital, Bess of Bedlem leaves all questioning if Bess was one of the hospital's patients.


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