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Preview | Kikagaku Moyo @Komedia 27.8.19

Kikagaku Moyo

Formed in the summer of 2012, Kikagaku Moyo began their journey busking on the streets of Tokyo. The close group of multi-instrumentalists refer to their sound as psychedelic due to the broad spectrum of influence they rely on. The notable areas of influences include classical Indian music, Krautrock, Traditional Folk and 70s Rock. Kikagaku Moyo composes music that allows the mind and body to be free, creating a bridge between the supernatural and the present.

The members of Kikagaku Moyo include; Tomo Katsurada (vocals and guitar), Daoud Popal (guitar), Ryu Kurosawa (sitar and organ), Kotsuguy (bass) and Go Kirosawa (drums and vocals), who incorporate improvisation as a key element in creating their sound. The band have a wide range of music available, with their latest piece of work Masana Temples, a ten-track album released in 2018.

Kikagaku Moyo will be joined by two Brighton based bands; ZOFF, a five-piece experimental psychedelic band and Wax Machine who have inspired a great amount of excitement around the south coast seaside town. As the icing on the cake, Lewes based Innerstrings will be projecting live psychedelic visuals. Having toured with the likes of Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Innerstrings have also appeared at psychedelic festivals around the country, creating a treat for the eyes to accompany an exciting lineup at Komedia.


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