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Preview | Levitation Room @The Hope & Ruin 24.5.18

Levitation Room photographed by @badbehavior_

The Hope and Ruin is opening their doors to all things psych and wonderful on 24th May, where Levitation Room will be stopping by in Brighton, as part of their UK and Europe tour. Formed in Los Angeles, California in 2012, band member Julian Porte (lead vocal and guitar) kicked things off on social media, eager to find music enthusiasts. Gabriel Fernandez (lead guitar and backup vocals) soon replied and the two shared their love for psychedelic rock; the point at which Levitation Room began its journey to where they are today. Drummer Johnathan Martin and bassist Johnathan Martin (what were the chances of both members sharing the same name?) soon joined the band and they released a new EP earlier this month, Warmth of the Sun, which is available on Greenway Records.

The band will be accompanied with support from Sun Scream, a newly formed band with its members spanning across the UK at various universities, regrouping in each of their cities when given the opportunity.

Wax Machine will also be playing, a Brighton based band, known for transporting their listeners to a multicoloured playground in the sky, with the sweet breezy flute, smooth sax and transcendent violin.

Levitation Room’s first album, released in 2016, Ethos captures the sweet vibes of dancing in the middle of the day, as the sun warms your skin, having nothing to do, except allowing yourself to enjoy grooving along to the album. The Californian bands headline performance, hosted by Acid Box, at The Hope & Ruin will definitely be a blissful evening.


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