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Preview | MNNQNS @Latest Music Bar 18.10.19

MNNQNS 'Body Negative' album cover


Frontman Adrian Epinay succinctly explains his band to be "a rock band that hates rock 'n' roll." MNNQNS (pronounced mannequins) are a French band from the hometown of Rouen in France. Inspired by their collected love of post-punk and outings to the pub, an unusual element of MNNQNS is their hybrid exploration of French and Welsh culture.

Adrian took a period studying in Cardiff and returned to Rouen with an abundance of inspiration from the expanding Cardiff music scene of psych, pop, experimental and downright weird punk music. Finding a new home in Wales, Adrian explored writing during his stay.

The four-piece band compromised of Adrian D'Epinay (vocals), Gregoire Mainot (drums), Félix Ramaën (bass) and Marc Lebreuilly (guitar) are set to release their debut album Body Negative on October 11th on FatCat Records following their last EP Desperation Moon in May of this year.

Desperation Moon is accompanied by a music video which takes inspiration of cinematography from Wes Anderson. With much of the album recorded in the French countryside, Adrian reminisces on the ability to "really focus on the record instead of ending up at the nearest pub every night." The countryside gave the band a new sense of determination, which is apparent throughout Body Negative.

As part of the release of Body Negative MNNQNS will be making four appearances around the UK, including a gig at Brighton's Latest Music Bar on Friday October 18th. Be sure to catch MNNQNS live!


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