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Preview | Mystic Braves @The Hope & Ruin 12.8.18

Mystic Braves photographed by @harrison_paul_roberts

Californian band, Mystic Braves are currently sweeping across Europe and the UK for their summer tour, sharing their smooth, relaxing 60s-esque psychedlic garage rock, with all that gravitiate to their shows. Formed in 2011 as Blackfeet Braves, their self titled album, released in 2012 revives the luxurious music of the 60s tied with the bands vintage finds and shaggy yet stylish hairstyles.

The quintet, compromising of; Julian Ducatenzeiler (guitar and vocals), Tony Malacara (bass and vocals), Cameron Cartung (drums) , Shane Stotsenberg (guitar and vocals) and Ignacio Gonzalez (keys and percussion) altered the name of the band to Mystic Braves in 2013 and have since released albums Desert Island in 2014 and Days of Yesterday in 2015. The band have been playing around the globe since 2013 and recived their first advanced sold out show in the summer of 2015 at Troubadour in West Hollywood. Playing with the likes of Tomorrow Tulips, Curtis Harding and The Zombies, Mystic Braves are most surely something special.

The bands recent single Perfect Person will feature on Mystic Braves new upcoming album The Great Unknown, released with Lollipop Records on August 17th. Following the soft, romantic melodies of Perfect Person, the new draws inspiration from The Kinks as well as The Seeds, to name a few.

Mystic Braves will be joined by; The Creation Factory, a Los Angeles band channeling the sounds of the 60s, joined by Mystic Braves member Ignacio Gonzalez on drums, as well as Buddha Blood, a Brighton band formed at the beginning of 2012 at a New Year's party, possibly the best kept New Year's revolution of all time! The Hope and Ruin is in for a treat!


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