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Preview | Teleman @Concorde 2 9.10.18

Teleman Press Photograph

London bred Teleman, will be performing at the Concorde 2 in October after the release of their second album Brilliant Sanity; an album charged with joy, created over several months in Homerton, with the four band members, a whiteboard and whiteboard pens. Resurfacing from the rehearsal space with a collection of fifty new songs.

Teleman compromises of John Sanders on synths, Thomas Sanders on vocals and guitar, Hiro Amamiya on drums and Peter Cattermoul on bass. Formed in 2012, Teleman have honed in their individual creative difference; Pete is the master of writing pop songs, Hiro continuing the creation of traditional songs and Jonny creating more unusual songs that are somewhat more unconventional, leaving Thomas who adores the irresistible addictive hooks - lyrical, guitar or groovy bassline.

With the blend of the four members creative ways of creating music, nonsense words are layered on top, which later become lines extracted from old notebooks from tours. For Teleman, creating music is a pure joy and a plus that it has become a job.

Their second album, Brilliant Sanity, beholds a significant amount of imagery, such as songs Tangerine and Canvas Shoe, referring to devilry and fire. The album is also filled with intricate mysterious lines every time I'm alone with you / the air gets heavy and drips like glue, in Fall in Time. Although there is no true convoluted meaning to such lyrics, the album allows listeners to decipher meaning for themselves; enhanced by the tones and textures created by core synthesiser sounds in order to create a coherent atmosphere throughout Brilliant Sanity.

Teleman's album is full of love, where pure joy has gone into its creation. With the release of their third album Family of Aliens, at the beginning of September, their appearance at Concorde 2 will be a delight.


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