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Preview | The Cosmic Dead @Sticky Mike's Frog Bar 12.7.18

The Cosmic Dead by @oculus_sinistra

The Cosmic Dead, best described as a stoner rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, will be lighting up Sticky Mike's Frog Bar as part of their tour around the UK and Europe. After the dismissal of drummer, Julian Dickens and synth player, Lewis Cook in the spring of this year, Tommy Duffin (drums) and Russell Gray (synths) have joined the founding members, James T. McKay on guitar and Omar Aborida on bass.

Formed in 2010, The Cosmic Dead have been taking the country by storm, starting off most of their live performances in Glasgow and working their way around this fine magestic Earth. The band have relesed a selection of four studio albums, The Cosmic Dead (2011), The Exalted King (2012), Inner Sanctum (2013) and Easterfaust (2014). In additon they periodically release live compolations and rehearsal jams, which not only shows the bands progress and insight to how they create their music, but also an intimate side present in additon to their released studio albums.

The Cosmic Dead will be joined by FLOAT, from the heart of the South, London and Brighton based band YETTI. Each bringing an element of rock, post-punk and raucous sounds. Gifted as 'gig of the week' by the well known Resident music store in the Brighton lanes, this will be an evening to remember.


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