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Preview | The Mauskovic Dance Band @Patterns 3.11.19

The Mauskovic Dance Band photographed by Texas Schiffmacher

An odyssey of Afro-Caribbean space disco, The Mauskovic Dance Band are spreading their admiration of the 70s and 80s, fused with Afro-Latin psychedelia of Colombia and Peru around Europe. The five-piece band from Amsterdam released their self-titled debut album at the end of May. A groovy hypnotic eight-track album that transports all onto the nearest dance floor, with its infectious beat!

The Mauskovic Dance Band formed in 2016 and have since bounced their way around Europe, played at the renowned Great Escape in 2019 and are back in Brighton with support from Los Bitchos and GALANGAS. Produces and multi-instrumentalist, Nicola Mauskovic, is the mastermind behind the five-piece band. Recruiting a band of brothers, taking on the surname Mauskovic as their group cognomen, the band consists of Marnix Mauskovic (guitar, synth and percussion), Mano Mauskovic (bass) as well as Chocolate Space Donnie aka Donald Mauskovic (vocals, keys and effects). Their drummer was a later addition, Juan Hundred, a Cumbia producer who was struck by The Mauskovic Dance Band's unique sound.

The support for The Mauskovic Dance Band, Los Bitchos describe themselves as 'five gals from the underground realms of London, tripping out on tequila and Cumbia vibes', which is a pretty banging summary to make anyone rush down to Patterns to see Los Bitchos live! Lastly, GALANGAS will be kicking off the night. A five-piece band from Brighton inspired by the funky jagged grooves of the Talking Heads, rhythmic blend of Felafels Kuti with a splash of early Prince and his synth.


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