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Preview | Vinyl Staircase @The Hope & Ruin 28.7.18

Vinyl Staircase by Byron Chambers

Independent South coast band, Vinyl Staircase will be appearing at The Hope & Ruin at the end of July as part of their summer headline appearance. Managing their music amongst themselves, Vinyl Staircase are a rare gem amongst the independ DIY music scene.

With the recent release of the music video Last I Heard, Vinyl Staircase have a nack for utilising the control they have, in order to produce intimate music videos that make each viewer want to pick up a guitar and form a band. The Dorking born band have had a great amount of kind words shone their way, with Wolf Alice's Joel Amey comparing the band to the "likes of Television but with fat distortion pedals" in their Wold Alice Zine as well as in The Boston Globe's list of Bands to Watch, Vinyl Staircase were considered to be similar to the likes of "Syd Barret fronting Sonic Youth."

This band has won the hearts of many, previously touring with Wolf Alice, Sunflower Bean and L.A. Witch to name a few. Their self titled EP, released in the spring of this year is avaliable to listen to, featuring the the popular track Cherry, which has the uplifting feeling of filling your summer with adventures with close friends.


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