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Psychedelic Solstice Sundae Highlights

In anticipation of the Summer Solstice, the Green Door Store opened its doors last Sunday for a Psychedelic Solstice Sunday. A psychedelic filled day of local bands, oil projections from Innerstrings, accompanying tunes spun by The Toxic Twins between sets and fresh pizza! Amongst the wonderful line up of bands, Wax Machine and Rokurokubi added a psychedelic flair of excitment to the day.

Wax Machine photographed by Andrea Shamlou


The four-piece band, Wax Machine, amazed all with their enchanting harmonies. Lauro (guitar and vocals), Izzi (flute and vocals), Woody (Bass) and Toma (drums and percussion) make up the wonderful quartet. With three EPs available to listen to; Mind Place (2018), The This (2018) and Harlequin's Patchwork (2017), Wax Machine are spending the summer in Germany alongside Kikagaku Moyo, before ending the summer at Komedia on August 27th. The whimsical flurries of the flute to the chill, yet simultaneously intricate riffs on the guitar make Wax Machine a perfect band to listen to when the sun is high.

Rokurokubi photographed by Andrea Shamlou


The duo, Rokurokubi, also made an appearance. Following the release of their debut album, Saturn in Pisces, seeing them perform live is a completely different experience. Rose Dutton (vocals, keyboard, drums) and Edmund Lloyd-Winder (guitar and sitar) had the audience in the palm of their hands throughout the entirety of their set; even at moments when they had stopped playing, no one dared to speak, completely captivated as Rose whispered into the microphone, Iris it's you. The sweet ethereal voice of Rose and folk-esque stokes of the sitar, brings to mind Peter Pan's Neverland, the desperate need to remain young and innocent. Through their music, Rokurokubi have created a faraway place in which anything is possible.


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