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Review | Burning House @The Prince Albert 18.9.19

Burning House photographed by Victoria Rick


Burning House played a remarkable set at The Prince Albert. An intimate venue by Brighton train station, Burning House amazed the crowd. Audience members whispered remarks of their amazement of the bands' talent, with one overheard comment being, "they're f***king good man!"

Their opening song created images of the hazy euphoric soundtrack of Sofia Coppola's 1999 film The Virgin Suicides. A sense of mystery built in the intimate venue as Burning House commenced their set, which only made them more endearing. Previously a three-piece band, Burning House welcomes Ruby (guitar and vocals) in addition to Aaron (vocals and guitar), Dominic (drums) and Patrick (bass).

Their debut album Anthropocene, released in early July of this year, captures the dreamy lo-fi essence of Burning House which they successfully transfer onto the stage. A fifteen-track album, Anthropocene, is an explorative endeavour, breaking away for the standard traditions of three-minute songs. With the likes of 'Robinson', it is a pleasure to get lost in the melody, zone out and create meaning to the lyrics sung by Aaron.

Listening to Burning House live, the term shoegaze makes sense. Placed in a mesmerising trance, it's difficult to do anything but lower your head and allow your body to get lost in the twist and turns of their music. An enjoyable intimate gig at The Prince Albert, Burning House could easily play the main stage at a summer festival. The crowd taking it slow as the rays of the sun warm the early afternoon. Dedicated listeners gather at the main stage, whilst wonders happen upon Burning House mid-set, to then be blown away by their performance, marking the occasion as a treasured memory of their festival weekend. With Burning House, this is possible!


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