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Review | Feral Youth @Sticky Mike's Frog Bar 9.10.18

Feral Youth photographed by Molly Rodrigues

Fuzzy dream pop band, Feral Youth, finished off their short but sweet tour at Brighton’s Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. With newly recruited member, Monty on drums, Feral Youth were formed in 2016; Harry on guitar and vocals, Jonny on synth, guitar and backing vocals and Jess on bass. With support from DIRTY, a three-piece psych-grunge band from Brighton, creating a whirlwind of bass lines, psychedelic screams from the guitar and heart pumping beats from the drums; and Mice Ön Mars, a three-piece band from London, creating garage Rock tunes.

Having released their first EP Sugar in the spring of 2017, Feral Youth have been gaining quite a storm, with Strangers being a well-loved song of their EP. As the intro of Strangers commenced in the underground room of Sticky Mike's, there were cheers of joy from the dear friend in the audience as well as attuned listeners of the band. The audience chimed in to sing I'm a stranger, along with Harry, which created a beautiful moment of everyone being connected in some form of existential spiritual way.

Feral Youth were an absolute pleasure to witness live. Their enjoyment of sharing their music to an audience shines through as the joke around, sticky a drumstick up Harry's behind, or saluting Monty for surviving the set after a tremulous journey back from France.


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