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Review | Flamingods @Komedia 29.10.19

Flamingods photographed by Ali Al Sharji

Flamingods photographed by Ali Al Sharji


The exotic psychedelic band Flamingods performed an outstanding set in the basement of Komedia. Naming Brighton as their 'favourite place in the God damn terrain' the four-piece band were well received by the Brighton crowd. Throughout Flamingods set the crowd was continuously moving, like a recurrent ripple of a clear blue space of water.

The beginning of 2019 marked the release of Flamingods' sixth studio album Levitation. Frontman, Kamal Rasool, described 'Olympia' off the new album as a 'cheeky little diddy' before commencing the fast tempo introduction on the keys. 'Olympia' set the president for the atmosphere in Komedia. The upbeat chaotic tempo encouraged those that weren't already dancing to loosen up and allow their body to move with the infectious energy of the band.

Directing thanks towards their tour buddies Sleep Eaters and support from Libra Libra for the evening, Flamingods kept the energy of Komedia lively and positive. Constantly moving around the stage, swapping instruments, the multitalented quartet delivered songs of Arabic influence. The double drum set marked a poignant moment of their set. The unity of different levels of percussion mixed with uniformed movements was electrifying to witness.

Dedicating their last song to 'all the outsiders out there', the conclusion of Flamingods set marked a celebration of the people gathered in the audience. A sea of faces, sharing a common interest, dancing into the night.


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