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Review | Flat Worms @The Haunt 23.6.19

Flat Worms Press Photograph


Los Angeles post-punk band, Flat Worms, stormed into the coastal venue, The Haunt on Sunday night, leaving all audience members ears buzzing with excitement. Following their release of Into the Iris, Flat Worms have been stomping around Europe, gracing those who dare to disrupt their path with their bone trembling music.

Flat Worms set can be best described as a rollercoaster, full of unexpected twists and turns that never seemed to disappoint. With many familiar faces of hardcore Acid Box followers, the evening was not only thrilling in terms of seeing Flat Worms and support from SKiNNY MiLK, but also due to the audience itself. Similar to a reunion of long lost friends and family, the audience members were buzzing with anticipation right from the beginning of the night and continued to make conversations with strangers turned friends, disillusioned by the musical chaos they just witnessed. A post-gig cheery fella cradled a drum stick of Justin Sullivan (Flat Worms drummer) motivated to emulate some of the precise moves made by Sullivan that evening.

Falling asleep after a hard week of work was not an option. Flat Worms fast-paced songs blended effortlessly into one another, leaving many audience members legs to turn to jelly. The Haunt was Flat Worms first appearance in Brighton and surely not their last. A band not to be missed live, they will be storming their way up North in the coming days.


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