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Review | Gene Pool @The Haunt 23.11.18

Gene Pool photographed by Matilda

With the stage set; a tub television hooked up to a vcr, mics in position and the drum kit on a raised platform, the seaside venue, The Haunt, was ready to welcom Brighton's beloved, Gene Pool, for thier biggest gig yet, following the release of thie debut album, Kill the TV, earlier this year.

Formed in September 2017, Gene Pool commenced in the bedroom of Jack (guitar and vocals) and Sarah (guitar and vocals) as an experimental project. Further developed by Jamie (drums, synth and bass), Gene Pool has gained a beautiful collection of friends and loved ones; all eager to witness their live performance.

Hearing Television live was a highlight of the gig; with all crowd members cheering with joy as th intor of the soung commenced. Gene Pool have a beautiful nack for creating thought provoking lyrics, highlighting the current modern age of techlology. You'll do whatever your told // we'll all do whatever we're told // watching our empire fall // my brain is sliding down the wall, accompanied by haunting harmonious la la la's.

Gene Pool most surely have an exciting future ahead of them, full of even more chaotic guitar riffs, whimsical screeches from the drummer mid song as well as friends and loved ones who will follow them from gig to gig!


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