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Review | Goat Girl @The Haunt 6.9.18

Goat Girl photographed by Jenn Five

With countless people scouring the depths of the internet to find a last minute ticket before the gig, Goat Girl returned to Brighton for their, unofficially named, 'Burns Tour / Rosy Got Burnt,' which sadly did indeed occur to Rosy Bones, who is now back behind her drum kit. Following the release of their debut album Goat Girl, the band have been churning up a storm from London, right across to the US.

Causing a stir since 2016 with the release of Country Sleaze, Goat Girl members Clottie Cream (lead guitar and vocals), Rosy Bones (drums), L.E.D. (guitar) and former member, Naima Jelly (bass) have flourished from the well-adored musical shrine of South London, The Windmill; the home to which Naima Jelly played her final gig with Goat Girl, surrounded by family and close friends.

Appearing at The Haunt with support from The Rebel and Leatherhead, there was most positively, a Naima Jelly shaped hole. With the addition of a violinist, who accompanied the band on their visit to Brighton at The Joker last November, the evolving band are continuing to rejuvenate their music and explore various ways of performing, which makes their live sets a youthful surprise to the ears for those who have their album playing constantly, as if it was a soundtrack for your daily goings-on.

The band had the crowd in the palm of their hands throughout the entirety of the gig. From the complete silence of the crowd soaking up the lyrics of Slowly Reclines, smugly she sighs / down ten pints of bitter as she slowly reclines; to the uncaring dance moves of a group of girls, who began the mosh pit during The Man, juxtaposed with the song I Don't Care was a couple highlights of Goat Girls return to Brighton. Hearing songs targetting such issues females encounter on a daily basis and witnessing girls in the crowd dancing away to Goat Girl's thought-provoking songs, was endearing to witness for everyone in the crowd and on stage.

A superb evening celebrating the laid-back band who have a knack for creating music that is not only wonderful to, boogie away to but also has intricately composed lines within each song.


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