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Review | Grand Veymont @The Prince Albert 2.7.19

Grand Veymont


Grand Veymont played a mesmerisingly hypnotic set at the renowned Prince Albert. French duo, Josselin Varengo and Béatrice Morel Journel wowed the crowed with their transcendent melodies that magical place all that listen, in the deep sparse countryside of France. Grand Veymont's set was beautiful from start to finish. With each song spanning close to fifteen minutes, it was very easy to get lost in the beauty of delicate hums from the flute and powerful strokes of the drum.

Throughout their set, Grand Veymont's songs escalate into ways that seemed unfeasible. A highlight of the evening was Je Cours Après Avant, which roughly translates to 'I run after' or 'I go after it.' The feelings this song created was similar to watching a wildlife documentary. Following an injury, a young animal has struggled to run along with the herd. The recovery process has been long and tedious, but today, the young animal is not only strong enough to stand on all legs but also run along with the herd. Grand Veymont made the vision of a recovered animal, running again, so clear in Je Cours Après Avant.

Grand Veymont's music stems from the genre Krautrock. The slow mechanical build to Béatrice's ethereal voice in Je Cours Après Avant made the song not only mesmerising to listen to live but also created a personal image for all audience members once they closed their eyes. Grand Veymont's live sets play on ephemerality. Their music sparks different visual ideas for each audience members. Ones that won't last, but were worth experiencing alongside Grand Veymont's music. This French duo should undoubtedly be seen live.


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