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Review | Helicon @The Hope & Ruin 28.7.19

Helicon photographed by SJBulloch


The psychedelic rock band, Helicon, played an outstanding set at The Hope & Ruin, in Brighton. Accumulating a crowd of all ages, Helicon's set was a seamless wave of fuzz.

Formed in 2009, the Glaswegian band's recent release, Zero Fucks, is a transcendent exploration of time and space. Differing greatly to their 2017 self-titled debut album, their recent EP communicates a sense of tranquillity. The transition of the keyboardist to the mandolin for 'Come On Get Off' had the audience in awe. The use of the mandolin added a mythical element to their song, contrasting heavily to the tracks of their first album, which explores couplets of; love versus loss, drugs and drink, region and politics and also life versus death.

Known for embracing the heavier side of psychedelic rock, Helicon is not afraid to experiment. With their EP showcasing repetition of lengthy interludes and riffs without the need for vocals and gradually build on the foundations of each song, is not only powerful but hypnotic to witness as all audience members become magically entranced by Helicon's captivating talent.


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