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Review | Kikagaku Moyo @Komedia 27.8.19

Kikagaku Moyo by Sub-Lation

Kikagaku Moyo photographed by Sub-Lation


Kikagaku Moyo played an outstanding set in the underbelly of Komedia. Welcomed by Brighton locals Wax Machine and Zoff, Kikagaku Moyo was the cherry on the top of a very well iced cake. Their set proved to be mesmerising; to the point in which audience members couldn't refrain themselves from talking with excitement to those in earshot.

Formed by Go Kurosawa (drums and vocals) and Tomo Katsurada (guitar and vocals) in the summer of 2012, Kikagaku Moyo began busking on the streets of Tokyo before deciding to share their music with audiences around the world. Joined later by Daoud (guitar) and Kotsu Guy (bass), the full lineup was completed by 2013 when Ryu Kurosawa (sitar) became the fifth member of the band.

The five-piece band's name translates to "geometric patterns". Kikagaku Moyo's live performances include a range of improvisation, which they began during their days of busking in Tokyo. A highlight of their set was hearing the wistful introduction to 'Green Sugar' from their 2016 album, House in the Tall Grass. 'Green Sugar' is quintessentially Kikagaku Moyo. Most likely the song that new listeners are introduced to. The audience reacted just as cheerful, excited to hear a live rendition of this renowned track.

Kikagaku Moyo delivered a magical night. Allowing the mind and body to get completely lost in their sublime melodies and transcendent psychedelic haze. The band kept audience members in the palm of their hands. Leaving stage after an encore to then come back to play a couple stripped back songs; departing again, to then surprise the audience with a couple more songs. No one wanted to leave the venue. Kikagaku Moyo delivered a great set for a Tuesday night party for all after a long day of work.


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