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Review | Levitation Room @Rialto Theatre 5.7.19

Levitation Room (FaceBook page photograph)


Californian, Levitation Room, returned to Brighton for another superb evening of psychedelic chaos. With their organ player, Glenn Bringman away on another music adventure, Julian Morte (guitar and lead vocals), Gabriel Fernandez (lead guitar and vocals), Johnathan Martin (drums) and Brandon Graham (bass), the band delivered on an energetic sun-dried psych-rock evening, waving the week goodbye as all audience members danced, into the weekend.

Levitation Room's latest single Warmth of the Sun, released on Greenway records, is a wonderful insight into the feeling of being in love in the summer, whether romantically or not, captured in just under three minutes. The playful essence of this single comes alive on stage, as Julian effortlessly hums into the microphone hold her close / hold her tight / I could fill you up with love and life, as the ringing of Johnathan hitting the cymbals echoes throughout the chorus.

Another highlight of the evening for all audience members was hearing Friends, a contrasting song in tempo to Warmth of the Sun. A song which speaks wonders, each member of the audience seemed to be in their own little trance, absorbing the lyrics no I don't wanna just be friends / no I don't wanna play pretend. Levitation Room have a magical touch in being able to not only get everyone showing off their best dance moves, with There Are No Words, to taking the tempo down a touch, allowing individuals to turn inwards whilst surrounded by messages of silver linings interwoven in their lyrics.


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