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Review | Levitation Room @The Hope & Ruin 24.5.18

Levitation Room photographed by @cine_lopez

The Hope & Ruin welcomed the Los Angeles, Californian band for a groovy evening of psychedelic tunes. The band felt right at home performing to the psychedelic enthusiasts of Brighton; with lead singer and guitarist Julian commenting that Brighton felt just like San Francisco, a little piece of home away from home.

Levitation Room played a range of songs from their 2016 album Ethos. A crowd pleaser being Reasons Why, which immediately got everyone swaying along. All four band members projected a chill easiness as they played intricate riffs. Making the whole performance as visually chic as their music.

A highlight of Levitation Room’s set was the tribute to Bob Dylan, in celebration of his 77th Birthday. Julian strapped on a harmonica headpiece to commence the Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues. The harmonic intro and outro was outstanding, with the whole crowd in complete awe.

Meeting over social media, you wouldn't think that the band members were once strangers. Grouping together to make wholesome groovy music and their future of grooviness seems pleasant, especially after the release of EP Warmth of the Sun.

Levitation Room are yet to head around Europe before returning to their home land. This band definitely have a lot to offer and the hopeful music that they will produce in the future promises to be just a groovy as their first album, Ethos.


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