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REVIEW | Libra Libra + Support @The Green Door Store 21.6.18

Libra Libra photographed by @thomaslislebrooker

The Green Door Store was transported into a fairy dreamscape to welcome Blush, Yumi and the Weather and Libra Libra, for a magical evening of music and surprises. With stacks of pink decorated cupcakes by the bar and drapes of pink material extended over the ceiling, The Green Door Store, should have been renamed The Pink Door Store for the evening.

Home to Brighton, Blush kicked off the evening with their dreamlike melodies and ethereal harmonies from the lead singer. Unfortunately, the drummer had injured his hand prior to the gig, but this did not stop the band from showcasing their sweet instrumentals. The crowd was absolutely delightful, wooing the band on and making the guitarist and bassists feel comfortable as there was a cuffuffle over the exchange of instruments. The lyrics of Blush’s songs were absolutely magical, having the ability to connect with every audience member; I’m wasting my breath / she’ll never listen / another world, one that I don’t know too well / I wish I could make one stand still .Blush are an absolute delight to listen to!

Another band who call Brighton their home, Yumi and the Weather. Their music gives off the vibe of traveling throughout space, alongside their intricate guitar solos. With a slight technical difficulty during their new single Hustle, out at the end of July, this band is one to keep an eye. Their set was full of music that transported the audience out of this world and great interactions between the audience and key player; who was happy that ‘we’re all in a big mouth’ listening to music, but was soon corrected by an audience member, proclaiming that the decorations replicated ‘a vagina.’ The connection between Yumi and the Weather and the crowd was heart-warming to be a part of.

To finish off the evening of bands, Libra Libra had been highly anticipated. With audience members purchasing foam hands in celebration of the band. Libra Libra’s set continued the theme of electrifying music, taking the audience on a journey into deep space, alongside the vibrant makeup of the lead singer and sea of glitter worn by the rest of the band members. The lead singer took the audience into the palm of her hand, enticing them with her gutsy dance moves around the microphone. A special moment of the set was the lyric I’m insane which followed by a cunning sly smile from the lead singer, ultimately confusing audience members, yet leaving them wanting to know more. Libra Libra is a captivating band, with lyrics including pierce my skin like a razor alongside a groovy yet steady bass line. Their music is indeed spine shivering and easy to get completely lost in, in the most delightful way. Tongues, their new single, is out now for all to listen to!


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