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Review | LICE @The Hope & Ruin 23.5.18

LICE photographed by @meadows_81

Bristol born band, LICE, stomped through the doors of The Hope & Ruin on Wednesday evening for an intimate raucous show. The four-piece band compromises of Alister, Silas, Gareth and Bruce, who have been playing around the UK for the best part of this year.

It All Worked Out Great, Vol. II, a four track EP was released the following day, 24th May. The new EP captures LICE's care-free attitude, focusing on living in the moment and making each day a party, which was brought to life during their gig.

The audience was completely captivated by LICE. Taking in the lyrics and Alister's smooth, yet simultaneously jagged movements as he jumped around the microphone signing.

What many people may not be aware of is all members of LICE are currently studying to get a Masters degree. Managing to schedule rehearsing, touring, recording, writing new material on top of studying seems hard to fathom, especially after the release of a new EP. This band is not only dedicated to their passion for music but also know how to go about it in style. The future holds a bright light for this Bristol born band, who signed with Balley Records. The possibilities seem endless with guidance from Mark Bent and Joe Talbot, the creators of the new label, Balley Records, and connected with the band Idles.



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