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REVIEW | LIFE + Support @The Green Door Store 17.6.18

LIFE photographed by @bandsonfilm

The Green Door Store welcomed a great array of British born and bred bands on the windy Sunday evening.

The evening kicked off with GURU, from Brighton, who were no stranger to the beloved Globe on Middle Street (RIP) but have found an alternative home at The Green Door Store. This band is one to see live, with a couple more gigs later on in the month in Brighton. Their music is electrifying, making each hair of your arm stick up. A great band to kick off an early morning rise to put you in high spirits for the rest of the day, if you’re feeling brave! The intricate guitar riffs gives GURU a special edge amongst the expanding Brighton music crowd. Their future endeavours are definitely one to keep an eye on.

Treeboy & Arc’s music is described as ‘post-punk fuzz from Leeds’ in their Spotify bio, which rounds off the sound of the band perfectly. With their first single released in 2017, Austere, the band has been rocking and rollin’ up and down this great land, the UK. First timers in Brighton, the lead singer could not believe the strength of the wind but was glad to be gathered in the intimate venue with so many music enthusiasts. A special moment of Treeboy & Arc’s set was the attempt of creating a mosh pit by the bassists of Hotel Lux, however it was more a one man mosh pit; still very amusing to watch, whilst simultaneously embarrassing the remaining members of Hotel Lux in the crowd and putting embarrassed smiles on the faces of Treeboy & Arc.

Hotel Lux, who are no stranger to The Green Door Store venue, wooed the crowd with their thought provoking lyrics; can you face the truth / I kiss my sweet behind, in the song titled Vice. The band members seemed to be in an especially good mood, with the bassists demanding for his friends to come forwards and “make themselves known.” With the release of Berlin Wall on June 14th, Hotel Lux are sending political messages with the help of the funky bass and undertone of syncopated drum beats.

The headline act, LIFE, kicked off their set with the lead singer jumping off the stage to dance with the members of the audience. The hyper energy of this band was a perfect way to finish the evening, with the new addition of a female bassist (yes to more females in the music industry). LIFE’s set was full of whimsical dance moves and intimate conversations with members of the audience in between songs.

LIFE is a band from Yorkshire “ooh la la, city of culture,” spoken by the lead singer, then continuing to talk of Yorkshire; “I have to work because there’s no money in music / I tell the young people to fuck the Tories / young people are the most important resource we have to offer!” The philosophical messages followed throughout the evening, “we are LIFE and we choose life,” was a saying that brought a smile to many audience members faces. A highlight of LIFE’s performance was hearing the lyrics to a song about Donald Trump, Euromillions, you have the right to bare arms if you have the right coloured arms / on the right side of the law / I know my rights, which was a great poignant section of the song.


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