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Review | Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings @Sticky Mike's Frog Bar 28.8.18

Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings photographed by Alxis Ratkevich

With a call out into the crowd, 'ARE YOU MOTHERF*CKERS READY," the Atlantan, Georgia band, Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings, commenced their electrifying set. With Matt Hollywood, of Brian Jonestown Massacre, on vocals and guitar, accompanied by Bobby Hecksher on bass, Kacey Barnes on guitar and Jason Anchondo on drums, the band have been jamming since 1991, undergoing a fine arrangement of musical brilliance.

Sticky Mike's welcomed the band for the first night of their European tour, following the release of their self-titled album, Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings, at the end of July. With support from Brighton band Fur and White Room, the lower room of the venue was packed for the evening of psychedelic rock.

The opening song of Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings' self-titled album Carl Sagan brings to life a transcendent, mind-altering journey through time and space, mixed with messages of life. Living to your own rhythm and believing in the power of love. The whole album is an absolute treat for those who enjoy the experimental twist of psychedelic rock that almost has a hint of soft Christian rock, as described by the drummer, within them.

Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings most definitely know how to entertain. Shining their fruitful vibes to the audience members displays the pure pleasure of getting up on stage and jamming along with good company.


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