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Review | Mystic Braves @The Hope & Ruin 12.8.18

Mystic Braves Press Photograph

The Hope & Ruin was packed to welcome the five-piece Californian band, Mystic Braves. An evening of psychedelic craziness and feelings of sun kisses on your skin, ahead of the bands' new album The Great Unknown, released with ​Lolipop Records on August 17th. For those still yet to fall in love with Mystic Braves, their music would perfectly accompany a run away scene of a Wes Anderson film, yet also works for road trips to a sandy beach.

With Buddha Blood, from Brighton and The Creation Factory, supporting Mystic Braves the crowd was full of energy, right to the final pluck of Julian Ducatenzeiler's electric guitar at the end of the evening. Also inspiring a crowd member to join in on the music action, displaying a great amount of passion playing the tambourine alongside the quintet.

Mystic Braves appearance at The Hope & Ruin marked the final gig of their tour in the UK, before hopping across the pond to carry on the party in the USA. Their evening in Brighton is one that will be hard to forget. They have a special charm for making each and every crowd member feel including in their sets and aren't shy to allow a keen musician to groove along on stage.


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