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Review | Phobophobes @Sticky Mike's Frog Bar 10.11.18

Phobophobes photographed by Steve Gullick

South London band, Phobophobes, an outrageous group of former memebers of Fat White Family and Meatraffle, graced the stage of Sticky Mike's earlier this month. Reknowned for taking a swab from Abbey Road Studio's oldest mircrophone, to create the image which is heavily assocuated with the six-piece band; a pitri dish containing the bacteria of numerous singers, including Paul McCartney.

With support from Haze, a four-piece band from Bristol and Brighton born Something Leather, an 'organ driven dark trippy alternative rock' band, as described on their Facebook page. The night was packed full with a mixture of punchy thought provoking lyrics and contagious melodies. The release of Miniture World, captures the weird and wonderful of frontman Jamie Taylor, Chris Chandler (keys), Christo McCraken (guitar), Jack Fussey (guitar) and Bede Trillo (bass) of Phobophobes.

A highlight of Phobophobes set was on the intro of Child Star when a memeber of the crowd shouted in a lustful screech of passion "URGHH COWBELL!" This song complete transforms to a high energy explosion of chaos live in comparison to the recorded track on Phobophobes album. The cowbell truly is astonishing to hear live!


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