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Review | Sports Team @Patterns 21.3.19

Sports Team photographed by Lauren Maccabee

Formed in Cambridge, Sports Team have fabricated from the mystical English air and gained a beautiful following of music lovers. Since there debut in 2016, Sports Team have released six singles over the past two years in anticipation for their debut EP Keep Walking! ahead of their expedition around the UK and Europe.

The third night of their tour, Sports Team had the underground venue of Patterns completely packed. From the entrance of the six-piece band to the honest prior-warning that they did not have an encore, a mosh size pit of the crowd was constantly dancing throughout the set as the lead singer paraded around the stage in his notorious dance moves, which brings to mind the smooth moves of Joy Divisions late Ian Curtis.

The crowds' response to Sports Team's 2018 single Kutcher was a highlight of the gig. A song that reflects on the possibilities of a past relationship; what could have been as well as the confusion of dealing with a relationship that seemed perfect in the eyes of the public, similar to the relationship between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Sports Team have an amazing nature of making every one of their songs a pleasure to dance along to, the individuals in the crowd become friends for the evening, supporting each other with crowd surfs and cheering one another on as they dance on the stage with the band. This was perfectly fitting with the appearance of Girls Against, a group of friends raising awareness of sexual harassment and assault within the live music industry. They are doing amazing things within the industry, showing the importance of speaking out against such violence within the industry.

It was a pleasure to have the energetic Sports Team in town, and their return in May for the Great Escape will be exciting for all!


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