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Review | Stonefield @The Hope & Ruin 5.7.18

Stonefield by @stoned_immaculate_

Stonefield, the Australian born and bred, sisterhood quintet started off their UK tour in sunny Brighton at The Hope & Ruin. The duration of their childhood was spent on a hobby farm in Melbourne, listening to their parents records and trying their hand at playing instruments. With influences of Frank Zappa, Led Zeplin and many other well known rock heros, Stonefield reached deep within the souls of each audience member, tore out their hearts and laied them on the front of the stage, leaving the crowd feeling as they had nothing yet everything to loose. Without a doubt, each audience member left the venue after Stonefield's set, forgetting their hearts on the stage front, but feeling fuffilled by the pure electric power of the Findlay sisters music.

This band is not one to mess around with. From their calm and collective group entrance from the back of the venue to the stage and the power of Amy Findlay's voice as she screams into the mic whilst playing the drums. Listening to Stonefield play live is a completely different experience to listening to the recorded albums. The band played a collection of songs from their recent album Far From Earth (2018) and As Above, So Below (2017). Changes from Stonefield's 2017 album was full of insightful lyrics alongside a muffled guitar riff, granting the affect of being trapped under water as Amy sang everything is changing.

As the four sisters played their set, they kept up an effortless chic stance as they jammed out on their instruents, playing intricate riffs and solos. The lead singer encouraged the audience to 'have a boogie' along to the 'funkier' song of the set, Visions, which audience memebrs thouroughly enjoyed. A highlght of Stonefield's set was Sister, a gut-punching song, showing the tight unison of the four sisters and their ability to rock the venue.

Stonefield's future endevours, as they take the world by storm with their powerful live performances, should not be missed for all rock lovers and music enthusiasts.


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