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Review | The Asteroid No.4 @The Hope & Ruin 29.8.18

The Asteroid No.4 photographed by @sunrae_atelier

The Northern Californian band The Asteroid No.4, performed at The Hope & Ruin, as part of their Europe tour. Well known for their dynamic acts and vocal harmonies.

Formed in Philadelphia by long-term friends, Scott Vitt (vocals and guitar) and Eric Harms (guitar), and joined by Matthew Rhodes (bass), Ryan Van Kried (guitar and vocals), Adam Weaver (drums ) and Nick Castro (keys and percussion). The Asteroid No.4 surfaced in 1995 with the release of CIA Took My Dog Away EP. Since then they have released a plethora of albums and most recently Collide earlier this year.

The Asteroid No.4 presents to be a Beatle-esque look with their dreamscape lyrics and soft rock melodies. Well known for their live performance, a running joke throughout their set at The Hope & Ruin seemed to be the tunning of guitars they had between them and constant necessary tunning intervals, despite having to limit the amount they would normally bring to a live performance.

Inspired by the UK psychedelic band, Spaceman 3 and the brightest asteroid in the solar system, Vesta, The Asteroid No.4 was born. The Asteroid No.4 is a pleasure to watch live, ending their set with a brief introduction of found sound and spoken word, the lead singer thanked everyone for staying.

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