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Review | The Rhythm Method @Sticky Mike's Frog Bar 11.8.18

The London duo, The Rhythm Method kicked off their set at Sticky Mike's with their recently released single, Chin Up, bringing back sweet memories of England's achievements in the World Cup. For many listeners, Chin Up became the underground anthem of the World Cup, with the band members very much aware; jokingly proclaiming "if that's what you wanted to hear, we've made your life easier, you can go now."

Longterm friends, Rowan Martin and Joey Bradbury discovered a great enjoyment for creating music as a way to pass the time. The Rhythm method are renowned for their charming marriage of nostalgic beats of the 70s and 80s with thought-provoking spoken word lyrics. Party Politics, the duo's first single, released in 2016, captures social issues of wanting to remain young forever; welcome to the Peter Pan generation and we're all Captain Hooked. The clever execution of their music provides an educational element that is infectious in its ability to get a crowd dancing, despite the melancholic undertones.

The Rhythm Method shared a new ballad single with the crowd at Sticky Mike's, with humorous lyrics, tell me if you're sweet or sour, this could be our magic power. The future for The Rhythm Method is most definitely exciting, with their relatable and brutally honest lyrics.



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