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Review | Vinyl Staircase @The Hope & Ruin 28.7.18

Vinyl Staircase by Byron Chambers

The Hope & Ruin was bursting at the seams for the beloved independent Dorking, Vinyl Staircase. The band were joined by Brighton's GURU, an intricate mix of psychedelia, punk and a touch of fuzz; along with Arbale Desert, bring the Californian blend of garage rock and space travelling psychedelia to London.

Vinyl Staircase kicked off their set with the hard-hitting song German Wings, full of gut-wrenching riffs and dynamic beats from the drums. Listening to German Wings live was absolutely magic, making each crowd member fall in love with the 2017 single over again.

Once the front man, Mike, encouraged the crowd to move forwards, following Cherry, small groups were dancing within the crowd, along with a couple crowd members swaying their arms under the four band members noses. Playing live since 2013, the Vinyl Staircase quintet looked at home upon The Hope & Ruin stage, each band member showcase either a sly hip wiggle or leg jiggle as they played songs from their recent EP Vinyl Staircase.

With crowd memebers cheering for the band to finish their set with an encore, the highlight of the evening was listening to the electrifying tambourine solo in Last I Heard. A beautifully layered song perfect to accompany road trips to the middle of nowhere.

For those who love Almost Famous directed by Cameron Crowe and Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused, Vinyl Staircase brings to life the freedom of being let out of school for the summer, getting up to all sorts of mischief and being surrounded with people radiating with positive vibes.



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