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Music Video | Viper Fish by Goat Girl

Goat Girl is a London born band taking the city by storm. Compromising of Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Naima Jelly and L.E.D; four girls who have continued to put out songs that force the mind to contemplate the world around us.

Goat Girl have become well known for their obscurely unique music videos, with the release of their first, Scum directed by Holly Whitaker, at the end of 2016. Compact with a diverse number of people being forced fed a conspicuous amount of porridge, in a truly gruesome manner. It's definitely not the most glamourous music video to watch but something that makes Goat Girl so endearing, especially shocking their listeners with a video that would firstly be unfavourable to watch, but eventually grow to adore.

Viper Fish, Goat Girl's recent music video is a thoughtfully created animation stop-motion video, directed by Edie Lawrence. The video commences with the world spinning along with rapid scene jumps to a family gathered in a family room. A state of confusing stands to be consistent throughout Goat Girl's music videos, allowing the receiver to conjure up their own interpretation of the contents of each music video.

As the video progresses, the clay world in which Edie Lawrence directed begins to crumble, as an unknown creature emerges from the floorboards, swiftly encompassing each member of the family. The confusion of the clay humans faces adds a sprinkle of humour to the tragic events; what seems to be a take over of a small household, led by the Viper Fish, after making a meal, with the main ingredient being a fish and lobster.

The repetition of don't shed a tear we all feel shame, as the Viper Fish moves in to rip off the head of the cook, presents to be a shock, whilst also illustrating the concept of 'an eye for an eye.' Further emphasised by the scene cuts to the spinning world, suggesting that this happens everywhere, playing on the idea of we all feel shame.

With the release of Goat Girl's self-titled debut album in early April, each song presents the bands' ability to create entertaining, yet thought-provoking music. The future is most defiantly bright for Goat Girl.


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